Conservation Technology

We have a special interest in applying emerging technologies to the work of ocean conservation.  Not only because we are based in San Francisco, the high-tech capital of the planet, but also because we have seen how use of technology can dramatically help in the collection of scientific data. 

With satellite data, GPS tracking, drones, and powerful small computers, scientists can collect data that would have taken a team weeks to gather - in just one afternoon in the field.

Proper use of technology is a the key to increasing effectiveness of fieldwork, and we will be focusing much of our efforts in this area in the years ahead.

Our current areas of interest include:

Artificial intelligence (machine learning)

  • Predicting marine mammal movements

  • Planning patrols to combat illegal fishing

  • Habitat disturbance analysis

Computer Vision

  • Dolphin dorsal fin identification

  • Whale fluke identification



  • Dolphin dorsal fin ID tracking


  • Citizen science field observations

Aerial Drones

  • Marine mammal behavior observation

  • Marine mammal tracking

  • Coastal pollution surveys

Underwater Drones

  • Marine mammal behavior observation

  • Plastic pollution surveys

  • Educational filmmaking

We are actively looking for partners in the field to put these technologies into action, and help us assess their usefulness, develop protocols for their use, and work with tech developers to refine technologies for use in field science.

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