Protecting Dolphins in the Sea of Cortez

Ocean Research Foundation is a partner in the Baja Dolphin Project, the dolphin monitoring and protection project of AICMMARH, the Asociación de Investigación y Conservación de Mamíferos Marinos y su Hábitat in La Paz, Mexico.  


Founded and run by Mexican scientists, researchers, and environmental educators, AICMMARH is a Mexican-registered nonprofit organization that takes a leadership role in protecting marine mammals in the beautiful Sea of Cortez.

The Baja Dolphin Project is supported with a very active program of education, public outreach, and policy development, with the goal of helping citizens and government officials protect dolphins, whales, and other marine mammals.

In addition,  the marine biologists and veterinarians of The Baja Dolphin Project respond to dolphin strandings, injured and entangled dolphins, and other marine mammal rescues in the southern Sea of Cortez.

In 2018, AICMMARH led a coalition of scientists and citizens to stop illegal dredging in the critical dolphin habitat of the Bay of La Paz. 


Executive Director, marine biologist Dr. Rocio Marcin, succeeded in getting a court order to stop the dredging and is now focused on assessing the damage and evaluating the health of the dolphin population of La Paz.

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