Grants for Ocean Research

We provide small, nearly immediate grants to support urgent needs of established ocean research and conservation projects around the world.  These grants are contingent on a quick review of the project's viability, accomplishments, and needs.  We are interested in supporting projects that fit our mission, and with whom we can build a long-term relationship.

These grants are meant to allow immediate action in ocean research and conservation.  They are not sustaining grants for large projects, nor are they meant to help in the creation of a new project or study.  Their purpose is to fill an immediate need in the course of an ongoing research or conservation project.


Ocean Research Foundation is interested in immediate, impactful action on behalf of our oceans. Our small grants are aimed at supporting urgent, unexpected needs in organizations carrying out important fieldwork and conservation efforts.



Ocean Research Foundation supports organizations working in ocean research or conservation of threatened species or ecosystems.  We are most interested in supporting marine biologists, oceanographers, ornithologists, and other marine scientists conducting important fieldwork.   We are most interested in projects with a history of accomplishment and a strong ongoing research effort.

We do not provide grants for pollution mitigation projects (such as beach cleanups) unless they provide some truly innovative approach to pollution problems.  We do not provide grants for education projects unless they are connected to an urgent conservation need (such as an education campaign against a proposed development, dam, or mineral extraction project).

Projects outside of the United States are strongly encouraged to apply, as we have a strong interest in supporting science and conservation organizations in the developing world. 

Size of Grant

Our grants range from $500 to $2500, with most in the $1000 range.  Grant approval requires a clear explanation of the use of the funds.


There are no deadlines - we accept grant requests at any time.

How to Apply

We want to get to know you and your organization -- through your website and social media, and through email and telephone conversations.  We want to develop a supportive and mutually beneficial relationship with organizations who share our mission and values.

Interested in learning more? Please contact us.

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