Our Mission

Ocean Research Foundation is working to save ocean wildlife from extinction.

We support scientists who help us better understand and better protect our oceans and all marine life.  We provide technical, financial, and logistical support for ocean science and conservation projects in five primary areas:

Long-Term Research

We support long-term research projects into areas of critical importance to marine conservation, including threatened species, marine protected areas, and data-deficient (under-studied) species at risk from human activity.  Marine Protected Areas and species biodiversity are the primary focus of our long-term work.  Two examples are our long-term shark research and dolphin research projects.

Fiscal Sponsorship
Our Fiscal Sponsorship program provides scientists and conservationists an alternative to starting up and running a new nonprofit organization.  By hosting new projects under our non-profit legal and tax-exempt status, we encourage innovation, allowing new ideas to grow. 

​Immediate Action Grants

We provide small, nearly immediate grants to support urgent needs of established ocean research and conservation projects around the world.  These grants are contingent on a quick review of the project's viability, accomplishments, and needs.  We are interested in supporting projects that fit our mission, and with whom we can build a long-term relationship.

Consulting & Capacity Building for Research Organizations

We provide business, fundraising, and technical support to established organizations carrying out scientific research and science-based conservation.  If your organization is looking to craft a powerful message, focus your vision, improve business practices, build a team, broadcast your story to the world, or dramatically improve your fundraising, we can help.

Conservation Technology

We have a special interest in applying emerging technologies to the work of ocean conservation.  Our current projects include work with artificial intelligence, computer vision/identification, crowdsourcing data, and fieldwork with aerial and underwater drones. 

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