Ocean Shares: Meaningful gifts to protect the ocean

Make a donation to support our ocean conservation efforts - in your name or the name of a loved one - and receive an Ocean Share, a certificate symbolizing your gift to nature and making you part of the fight to protect the ocean.

We will personalize your Ocean Shares  so you or your loved ones have a permanent reminder of your generous support. Customization options include name, amount, and the ocean or marine animal you'd like your donation to support.

What are Ocean Shares?
Ocean Shares are a way of directly participating in our mission to protect our ocean and all marine wildlife.


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The make a powerfully meaningful gift for an ocean lover, or an investment in your own passion for the sea.


By purchasing Ocean Shares, you become part of a select group of people deeply committed to ocean conservation.  You will have the opportunity to talk with our scientists, to help us make decisions and set priorities, to vote on our initiatives and programs, and participate in fascinating discussions with people on the front lines of ocean protection.

Ocean Shares are an investment in the future of the ocean.  Your impact is big, direct, and gives you a voice in the future of our organization.

In this moment of crisis for our oceans and for our planet, only a few people make a difference -- with their money, their ideas, and their commitment.  If the ocean is important to you, join us.

Ocean Shares Benefits:

Membership in our Director's Circle

Be part of a small group of people who share a love of the ocean and a commitment to protect it for future generations.

Voting privileges

Each Ocean Share entitles you to one vote - and you will regularly be asked to  to help us decide priorities, guide programs, and design our outreach efforts. As a member of the Director's Circle, your vote will help guide us.

Opportunities to meet our researchers and staff

When you visit the San Francisco Bay Area, we will be glad to welcome you to our offices for a briefing, or invite you to receptions and social events with our program and scientific staff.

Online webinars and conference calls with ocean scientists

Join us for online conversations about the health of our oceans, and the steps we are taking to protect it.

​Invitations to participate in scientific fieldwork

You will receive invitations to work with our scientists in the field, at beautiful locations around the world.  You can be side-by-side as they study whales, dolphins, and turtles, or work to protect threatened habitat. Very few people ever have this kind of opportunity.


Monthly newsletter

A brief monthly summary of our activities in science and conservation, including exclusive emails direct from field scientists you support.

For a minimum investment of $100, you will be part of the Ocean Research Foundation, part of a team making a difference every day.

To purchase, click here.

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